TRIANGLE has been designing, making and assembling high quality speakers for over 35 years with one goal : to develop loudspeakers that reproduce the core Emotion of music with increasing precision and vitality.
TRIANGLE strives hard to give each new generation of loudspeakers a distinctive musicality, created by using materials of the highest quality. 35 years of experience have forged a unique sound expertise that provides extraordinary sonic realism and details.

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Fully designed by TRIANGLE

Since the very beginning, triangle has made technological research and innovation its principal priorities, with the aim of offering music-lovers a natural sound of the highest quality.

An enthusiastic team of engineers and technicians, constantly seeking to improve and innovate, are part of what makes TRIANGLE loudspeakers unique. Each component is designed, engineered and developed, according to technical innovations and solutions, that are exclusive to TRIANGLE.

Sound enhancing technology

TRIANGLE continously invests in the latest technology to innovate and improve its acoustic expertise.

A Klippel system is used to conceive and simulate the loudspeakers. Modern prototyping tools, 3D printers, the latest CAD software, as well as MLSSA and CLIO measuring systems, enable the company to put theory into practice.


  • Near-zero dispersion

    The drivers are fully assembled in our workshop in Soissons to ensure the quality of each part and a near zero dispersion between each driver.

    Each assembled speaker is tested with the low frequency generator to detect any noise, and then its frequency response curve is compared with the reference speaker via the Clio system.

  • Flawless finish

    Each speaker is a form of luxury craftsmanship, made and assembled with uncompromised precision, with the goal of achieving manufacturing perfection and irreproachable sound
    The company’s Development Engineers work closely with the workshop to deliver a high quality product

  • High-level requirement

    Numerous acoustic tests are carried out throughout the process to ensure that each element of design adheres to the company’s high standards.
    Each identical driver is individually measured and the speaker is tested in an anechoic chamber.