Imagined as being a Grand Dame, she knows how to step aside, leaving the stage only to the music. She can deal with all types of music with an extreme ease, from the most intangible to the most frantic.


A grand dame

This is a music lover’s loudspeaker par excellence, and faithfully reproduces each musical detail. The Concerto is capable of letting leash the full force of a symphonic orchestra or delicately revealing the slightest inflection of a single voice. It can deal with all types of music with extreme ease, from the most intangible to the most frantic.
Explosive dynamics, deep bass, crisp treble and emphasis on tonal quality: it’s all in there and brought together effectively to produce a sense of openness. The optimized sound layering makes you forget you are listening to a loudspeaker.
This true to life experience is the result of the determined efforts of the men and women who make up the triangle team, and their deep passion for music.

The filter, which is designed according to the same stringent quality standards as all of the loudspeaker’s components, orchestrates this masterpiece wonderfully.

A rear view of the Midrange.

A few steps in the driver assembly process.

number of drivers 7
number of ways 3
Tweeter (2x) TZ2900 GC
midrange (2x) T16GMF100-THG06
woofer (3x) T21GM-MT15-THG06
sensitivity 90 dB/W/m
frequency range 32 Hz – 20 KHz (+/- 3 dB)
power handling 300 W
repetitive peak power 600 W
SPL Max 114 dB
nominal impedance 4 Ω
minimum impedance 2,5 Ω
low frequency roll-off 300 Hz (12 dB/Oct)
high frequency roll-off 2800 Hz (24 dB/Oct)
Dimensions 1600 x 600 x 450 mm
weight 65 kg

MAGELLAN unique system

The BI-POLAR arrangement is designed to faithfully reproduce
the soundstage by diffusing a 360° sound image.


Tweeter TZ2900GC

Optimized by computer simulation, its horn is shaped to provide a substantial attenuation of the directivity effect, i.e. off-axis drop in high frequency level. A remarkably smooth and fluid musical quality!


midrange T16GMF100-THG06

A unique design: extra wide bandwidth from 70 Hz to 4 000 Hz with minimum distorsion and the most linear output in the industry. The new cellulose fiber diaphragm features an exponential profile to ensure true-to-life reproduction in the medium frequency band.


woofer T21GM-MT15-THG06

In the MAGELLAN range, the woofers deliver realistic acoustic levels with minimum distorsion.