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Steve Shehan Jean-Luc Ponty Indra Rios-Moore

This composer

was born in the United States and has a rather atypical background. Born to a Cherokee father and an American mother of French origin, he believes that music is a means of communication between peoples, whatever their language, culture or religion. Over a twenty year period, Steve Shehan personally composed and produced 15 albums as well as original sound tracks for the films : Bye Bye by Karim Dridi and Le Maître des Eléphants by Patrick Grandperret. He also participated in the original sound track for the films Krikou and L’Amant.

Meet Steve Shehan on the Triangle stand at the Hi-Fi Show 2010 in Paris.

Triangle has always been closely associated with the world of musical performers. This exchange allows us to be always up to date with new ideas, to be creative together and to provide increasingly realistic sound reproduction.

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