TRIANGLE’s philosophy is to design and build speakers reproducing a lively and dynamic sound that puts you in the universe of your favourite artist from the first tone. Always looking for innovations, our team has a genuine desire to make you feel the music intensely and find yourself at the heart of a concert.

When you really feel a «live» experience, the music is taken to a new dimension; the soundstage opens, the musicians stand in front of you, each instrument is distinguished accurately and the music gives you the chills.

Triangle was awarded 18 gold Diapasons for its no compromise sound reproduction quality, that embodies the beauty and emotion of music.


The first model to be marketed. It was highly successful with high-end audio dealers who appreciated its originality and technical qualities. Thus began the passion for TRIANGLE.


The first TRIANGLE speaker to use a tweeter mounted outside of the main cabinet. Stunning sound to match a pioneering aesthetic design.


The first loudspeaker to feature drivers designed and manufactured by TRIANGLE. This marked a turning point for the company which decided to further develop their know-how.


Cutting edge design: TRIANGLE was the first brand to produce speaker cabinets with curved side panels.


The first generation of the now legendary ANTAL loudspeaker range. This slender column paved the way for TRIANGLE’s entry into high-end audio.

LYRR 222

This is a widely acclaimed loudspeaker among audiophiles. The LYRR name became legendary and won numerous awards.


The more technical fourth generation featured a plinth, horn loaded tweeter and compression chamber.


The ambitious MAGELLAN program represents five years of research, and a passionate non compromising quest for perfection

ANTAL Limited edition

The ANTAL has been specially restyled for TRIANGLE’s 30th anniversary, and is a blend of high quality performance and refined aesthetics.


With SIGNATURE, TRIANGLE continues its quest to offer a form of luxury craftsmanship made in France, combining the finest woodwork with TRIANGLE’s acoustic expertise.